The Top 5 Effective Ways to Boost Self-Confidence

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The mother nature is full of life. There is so much to learn and enjoy from our surroundings. For instance, just little things like the fragrance of the mother earth, dewdrops on leaves, and the sound of flowing water takes us to a different world. Gradually we start feeling freedom all around the place. Infact all of us want to be free birds flying higher and higher! Our self-confidence is our wings to fly!!!. It is an integral part of our body and mind, and yet it goes unnoticed most of the time. Therefore we must always keep a close watch on our confidence levels at all times. 

How do we understand our confidence levels?

In daily life, we learn about our confidence level through our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Through observation, we understand that there are times we feel at the top of the world or feel just right or feel low and down. In our minds, we relate these feelings to our confidence levels. Thus we need to maintain our self-confidence at the right level and boost it when required. 

Five effective ways to boost your self-confidence:

  1. Reflection – It is a simple way to recollect our past experiences with a neutral mind. In fact it is about remembering the events without attaching our likes, dislikes, opinions, judgments, etc. Through reflection, we develop a habit of seeing things as they are, and not as the way we want to see them! Make reflection your daily routine. 
  2. Accept challenges It is common way to stay away from things, people, and the experiences that our minds see difficult. The key to making our minds ready for challenges is to break them into parts! It is easy for us to take small risks as we can return to the comfort space of our choice. And plenty of small steps make a challenge. Challenges are the catalyst for our self-confidence. Therefore it is well said; no pain, no gain.
Reflection Self Confidence

Self-confidence comes from self-care:

3. Rejuvenate yourself – There are times, when we are exhausted and stressed out. All we need is a break  to refresh. Hence take time-outs when required and make the best of them. Engage in doing the things you love and enjoy. For example  it could be simple things like catching up on sleep, watching your favorite series, movie, cooking, etc., or bigger things like traveling to destinations, doing unusual things, helping the community, etc. The experience of rejuvenation is magical for your confidence. 

4. Connect with you! – Sounds crazy! It is so natural for us to keep “ourselves” as the last priority. We are busy taking care of our work, family, friends, and community members. And then, if time permits we, think about ourselves. It should be another way around, connect with yourself first and then your loved ones. A strong connection with yourself helps you to engage with confidence in a much better way.

5.  Invest in your hobbies – Research has proved that spending time on things we love boosts the confidence and performance of the person. Quite often  during my interactions, people have described their hobbies as meditationbest friend, comforter, etc. Hobbies are energy boosts for you. They promote self-care and well-being, which helps us to keep good confidence levels. There could be times when we are unable to pursue our hobbies. Reasons could plenty for e.g. be due to a lack of time, facilities, financials, etc. Watch these reasons and begin your journey as soon as you can!

Water sport self confidence

On a closing note, let’s attempt to keep our confidence level high all the time. 

A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval – Mark Twain

Happy reading!

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