CV Writing

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

On an average recruiters spend 5 – 7 seconds to review a resume and to make initial screening decisions. Candidates have to build their winning resumes’ taking into consideration the 
6 seconds” game. 
The common mistakes  found in résumés are as below:
  1. Either long or short
  2. Grammatical mistakes and spelling errors
  3. Poor format
  4. Inconsistent fonts
  5. Putting plenty of information
  6. Lack of clarity etc. 
  7. Not focusing on achievements 
We prepare resumes’ that are ATS compliant and on set guidelines on layout, formating, fonts, page limits, representation of information and avoiding errors and misreporting. We are happy to offer the following services:
  • Professional resume’ writing
  • Building Cover letter
  • Reviewing and editing of resume’
  • Creating Social media accounts viz. Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc.
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