HR & Business Analytics

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“If it cannot be measured, it cannot be managed” — Peter Drucker. HR Analytics involves creating, maintaining, and analysing people related information. HR Data is a valuable input for the decision making process. We are experts in creating HR Analytics for all HR Functional areas. We assure you that data driven decision making will provide your insights about why, what, and, how of any business process. We are happy to engage for following services:  HR Dashboards – Development and maintenance  Study current HR process, track current HR … Continue reading “HR & Business Analytics”

HR Compliance & Legal Rewards

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As the name suggests HR compliance ensures that the company is in compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Compliance is a mandatory function of business and it has zero tolerance to ensure business continuity. We offer the following services in compliance areas:  Prepare HR Policy, Procedure(s), and Process.  Prepare Employee Handbook Regulatory compliance service for monthly / half-yearly / annual reporting  Checklist and review of Personnel files Conduct HR Compliance Audit

HR Consulting for International Business

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Business and HR integration of companies operating in different countries/regions is a growth opportunity for both the country’s partners. HR consulting on international operations is our forte.  We offer the following services:  HR partnership during Mergers and Acquisitions Conduct HR study and SWOT analysis  Country specific consultation on culture, diversity, equality, and inclusion practices  Manage the HR function of your overseas company remotely Legal and employment framework about the country under consultation Conduct regular business and performance reviews of the … Continue reading “HR Consulting for International Business”

HR Digitalization & Automation

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technology has changed the way HR works! The effectiveness, efficiency, and turnaround time of HR deliverables can be boosted by the smart use of ERP Systems, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotic solutions. It is our passion to create a Paperless HR Function. We are happy to provide implementation support for your Digital HR initiatives viz:  HR System / Software Installation of Attendance System Automation of payroll Developing Applicant Tracking System Developing Learning Management System Installing office cameras for safety and security purposes Design … Continue reading “HR Digitalization & Automation”

HR Recruitment & Selection

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“Finding the right candidate” is an important talent decision for the company. The selection process is a combination of art and science. We offer a wide range of recruitment and selection solutions viz. Executive search Employer branding Project-based recruitment Preparing and placing a job advert Screening applicants Conducting interviews Administering selection tools Salary negotiations Reference checks Salary offers Onboarding formalities

HR Strategy

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HR Strategy plays a vital role to ensure that the business meets the set targets and milestones. In planning, design and implementations phase(s) senior stakeholders review current and required people capabilities, culture, and behavior(s) of people. We engage with clients for: Formation of HR strategy and Annual HR Plans Benchmarking of HR practices Transformation of HR Department Redundancy or Head Count Optimization SWOT analysis of HR Team Design Talent pool Market update(s) in the Best HR practices

Performance Management

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Performance management is a vital management tool to achieve business results.  Alignment between company and employee achievements is the key to success. We offer a wide range of services viz: Setup and implementation of Performance Review System Workshop on Annual Business Plan and Target Settings Setting corporate, department, team, and individual goals and objectives Periodic review e.g. monthly, mid-year, and final year reviews. Moderation of Performance reviews Conduct Performance Gap analysis Administer Potential assessment  Performance training to Senior Leadership team, Line Managers and … Continue reading “Performance Management”

Talent Management

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Talent Management aims at attracting, developing and retaining talent. Retention of high performing employees saves money that could have otherwise been lost due to employee turnover. Talent management is perceived as an investment to strengthen employee’s competence and business capability.  Talent management strategy will need reasonable amount of money to develop /strengthen employees capabilities. We offer consultation in the following areas:  Develop Talent Pool for the company Create Talent Management strategy Design and develop assessment tools  Administer assessment tools to High Potential performing  employees … Continue reading “Talent Management”

Total Rewards Management

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Employee cost directly impacts the bottom line of business. Most Senior leaders face the challenge of maximizing employee productivity at an optimum cost. We offer the following consulting services in the total reward area: Total Reward Strategy of the company Conduct job analysis, job design, and job evaluations. Offer salary negotiations with candidates and pay negotiations with employees. Prepare salary structure with tax implications Recommend Health and Life Insurance  Design Award(s) / Incentive scheme(s) as per business requirements Benchmarking salaries … Continue reading “Total Rewards Management”

Training & Development

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Learning is a life long journey. Training and development plays a leading role in managing performance gap, career progressions, and meet future skill demands of the company.  We engage with clients to prepare training policy, conduct training need analysis, and conduct on demand training programs viz: Time Management Negotiation skills First Time Manager Personal Effectiveness Training Performance Management for Line Managers HR Orientation for Managers MS Office training Coaching for Managers Employee Orientation Facilitate Webinars Online training options   Customer … Continue reading “Training & Development”