Does Positivity at Work Matter?


We all love to spend our time with positive, friendly, and fun-loving people. People are happy, likable, cheerful, and easygoing individuals outside of their work boundaries. However, there is a sudden shift in their demeanor at their workplace. The people that were likable, cheerful, and easygoing now become uptight, secretive, and fiercely competitive. The difference in the behavior in their place of work and personal environment is evident.

The point of observation here is why do people behave so differently in a work environment? Do they wear a mask over their exuberant personality for some personal gains? Do they wish to impress their seniors by acting tough? Are they dealing with fears of their own? 

Do they fear being rejected and isolated in their workplace, or do they fear being terminated for who they are, and thus, keep their friendly and people-loving personalities hidden from their co-workers? 

While one can only guess, I have observed several times that people who project themselves as tough and uptight don’t quite enjoy being that way. They have to mold themselves into the way they think they are expected to behave.  


The important question is Can business owners, management and employees bring in change? 

A positive attitude can be a game-changer. With a positive attitude, people can handle their fears, work demands, and pressure situations in an effective way. By adopting a positive attitude we will witness a shift in behavior, thoughts, and actions for the better and people can be their natural self at their workplace. 


What exactly do I mean by positivity?

Positivity is often looked upon as a smiling, and cheerful face. I believe positivity is more about the mindset, attitude, and overall perspective of an individual rather than a short-lived feeling. Positivity is the ability to focus on living in the present moment and doing things that make you happy.

Why should companies inculcate positivity at work?

Positivity is the catalyst to a companies’ success because statistics have proven that employees with a positive attitude are the key to a successful company. Happy and contented employees are likely to be more productive, stress-free, and energetic as compared to those that work in an environment that doesn’t embrace a positive attitude.

Positivity is contagious so by having a positive staff you are attracting positive and happy customers. Similarly, employees working in a positive environment have better decision-making, problem-solving, and leadership skills.

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How should companies demonstrate positivity at work?

Companies need to make it a point to encourage positivity at work by being more accepting towards the employees, displaying acts of kindness, fostering a caring environment, and words of encouragement. 

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How do you show appreciation at work?

Appreciation can be shown in many ways. You can say thank you, hold surprise events for the employees to enjoy their success, and reward them when they do something appreciation-worthy.

Why appreciation is important in the workplace?

Appreciation is important in the workplace because it gives the employees a feeling of self-worth. Employees enjoy working in a place where they are appreciated and valued. They are also a lot more productive in a positive environment, and thus, it consequently benefits the company.

How do you say thank you for appreciation at work?

It is always said that actions speak louder than words. It is better to show appreciation rather than just say it. Surprise your employees if they have done something good, reward them, or let them have a day off. You can also say thank you by simply saying thank you, even that can make someone’s day.

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